Back Counter Branch Capture

Back Counter Capture Branch Capture is a simple to use remote capture solution for banks and their branches.Branch personnel scan checks, capturing image and MICR data for transmission to the central check center for processing. Our solution will significantly improve overall operational efficiency while reducing transportation costs and risks.The remote deposit capture platform is expandable, allowing banks to exchange cash letters with exchange partners; receive remote deposits from corporations or merchants, and cash letters from correspondent banks; and input from lockbox/remittance documents.

Enhance Efficiency

Banks are looking for ways to enhance improve efficiency in check operations to control the per-item processing costs caused by the decline in U.S. check volumes. Back Counter – Branch Capture is a simple to use remote deposit capture solution for banks and their branches. Branch personnel scan checks, capturing image and MICR data for transmission to the central check center for processing. This reduces courier expense, expands cut-off windows, and eliminates the need to proof-encode the items, further reducing costs and getting the checks into the item processing workflow faster.

Simple and Efficient

Back Counter – Branch Capture software installs on Windows® operating system PCs and works with low-volume scanners. We provide additional online training seminars, and 24/7 customer support. Implementation has no negative impact on existing operations and training is provided to bank personal. Software Earnings’ RDC solution include GUI interfaces for both the customer and bank along with multiple layers of administration controls, balancing details, and scanning options.


  • Reduces courier expense and eliminates proof-encoding
  • Extends cut-off windows and improves overall efficiency
  • Processes using existing downstream systems and procedures
  • Improves overall efficiency

Back Counter Capture Features

  • In production since 2003
  • Currently processing over a billion dollars a day in transactions
  • Over 5000 capture location implemented at both regional and community banks
  • Scalable
  • Scan and Go model available for direct send image and codeline to processing center
  • Takes less than a day to learn the functionality
  • Windows® operating system application that with a step-by-step process
  • System uses a low-volume scanner and takes only a minimum of desktop space
  • Both long and short style checks may be used, deposit slips are optional
  • Scanned checks and the system creates an electronic file for transmission to the bank’s back office operations
  • Allows branches to transmit throughout the day to spread the scanning volume while allowing check processing areas to earlier receipt
  • Transit items can be sent out the same day, resulting in better availability
  • Eliminate proof encoding the items
  • Certified X9. files for input or output
  • Security features built into the system will pass audit requirements
  • Branches keep their checks for proper handling procedures
  • Notification of the deposit status immediately after processing site receives the deposit and possible problem resolution
  • Control center displays any deposit containing errors
  • Reports for scheduled variances and errors
  • Ranks performance relative to schedules and SLAs
  • Provides open statistics database architecture for custom report tool integration