Resourceful balancing solution with proven results

Software Earnings provides an opportunity for banks to compare test and savings results of RoboBalancer against their present system. Software Earnings has designed a parallel test workflow process that operates independently from the bank’s legacy system. Using bank data, SEI will provide results that prove RoboBalancer’s value as an alternative to the bank’s balancing system. RoboBalancer can provide significant savings for your balancing and adjustment departments.

Designed to Identify

RoboBalancer is the only balancing solutions a bank will need. RoboBalancer is designed to identify and solve out-of balance deposit transactions within a bank’s payments processing system. RoboBalancer intelligently balances 70% – 80% of all transactions. This provides significant savings for the bank’s balancing and adjustments departments.

RoboBalancer executes a series of intelligent processes to inspect codelines, images, and deposit tickets. RoboBalancer invokes a series of precise algorithms within its balancing rules to bring a significant number of unbalanced deposits into balance. RoboBalancer is integrated with recognition technology (RECO) to provide the necessary technology to assist with the balancing of deposits. RoboBalancer speeds up the balancing process, saving banks time and reducing the workload for balancing operations. RoboBalancer installs easily into bank’s core processing systems to enhance current transaction processing. RoboBalancer ingests  X9 image files (from multiple sources at the bank) containing POD deposits that may or may not be in balance.

Benefits for Every Bank

  • Provides significant savings
  • Reduces personnel required for balancing and adjustments
  • Improves posting deadlines
  • Reduces transit holdovers
  • Reduces errors
  • Comprehensive dashboard status display
  • Handles thousands of files per day with horizontal and vertical scalability
  • Integrates into Payments Processing Manager (PPM) for additional steps of data perfection
Unique Qualifications

Over the past two decades, Software Earnings has proven their experience in codeline matching through many successful implementations of Reject Repair. SE developed the art of merging and matching corrected data with codelines while ensuring that the integrity of the deposit order was maintained. Our experienced software architects and industry specialists designed RoboBalancer to provide banks with a premier balancing solution.