Payment Processing Manager

Capturing and truncating work at the earliest entry points reduces costs for facilities, transportation, and staffing considerations throughout a financial institution’s enterprise. With PPM, operations will minimize IT staffing using centralized servers located at the hubs, along with implementing a streamlined disaster recovery strategy. Operations will eliminate amount error reads for POD items. Banks will reduce courier fees from remote proof sites and save resources by reallocating FTEs, turnovers, and training costs.

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Payments Distribution Manager

Payments Distribution Manager (PDM) improves payments distribution and operational productivity, and reduces dependency on legacy distribution systems. PDM consolidates data and images from the bank’s perfected data streams. From this consolidated database, PDM produces X9 image cash letters and multiple other formats which are ready for forward and return item presentment, archive feeds for storage and retrieval systems, and posting data for the bank’s downstream systems. PDM processes without operator intervention. Product components include: Endpoint Decisioning, Consolidation, Distribution, Settlement, Extract, and a Control and Tracking Dashboard.

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On Trac

OnTrac provides a centralized user­ interface for monitoring and managing electronic data capture and exchange traffic. OnTrac recognizes, evaluates, and routes payments files to the appropriate systems or applications at the financial institution. Inbound files destined for the various steps of data perfection and outbound files from distribution solutions to various posting systems, direct-send points, or /Cl processors can all be tracked and monitored using OnTrac.

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Payments Navigator Suite Highlights

  • Paper capture platforms
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Duplicate file and item detection
  • RECO
  • Codeline validation
  • Web-based keying
  • Image integrity analysis & disposition
  • Image quality analysis & disposition
  • High-dollar analysis & disposition
  • Deposit account validation & disposition
  • Payee validation & disposition
  • RoboBalancer and/or balancing
  • TIFF Scrubber
  • Server-based legacy replacement solution
  • Scalable high-volume architecture
  • Enterprise payments convergence hub
  • Endpoint sort facility
  • Endpoint profile management
  • Schedule profile management
  • Automated cash letter creation
  • Image retrieval and caching
  • Missing image management
  • Common file import interface
  • Cash letter consolidator
  • Legacy extract replacement
  • Centralized distribution
  • Settlement tallies
  • Automated end-of-day housekeeping
  • Browser-based
  • Multiple user accessibility
  • Management administration security
  • Customized calendar support
  • Data retention/monitoring history
  • Notification alerts
  • Manage and establish routes
  • Reports for schedule variances and errors
  • Reports to rank performance relative to schedules and service level agreements
  • Supports application servers and security authentication