Remote Remittance Capture

RRC_SquaredRemote Remittance Capture allows users to scan coupons and corresponding checks to capture codeline and deposit data. Product includes output files for accounting programs and RDC transmittal. 

Remote Remittance Capture enhances remote deposit capture with remittance organization and digitized coupon recording. The scanned coupon allows or better accounting management.

Remote Remittance Capture solution links coupons to corresponding checks and stores receipts in an archive of customer records.

Customers place coupons and corresponding checks into a check scanner which will capture code line information from both the checks and the coupons. It will optically and digitally place that information into appropriate data remit fields when scanning is complete.

Take Advantage of Dual Usage

Remote Remittance Capture is an innovative addition to Software Earnings’ line of remote deposit capture (RDC) solutions. In addition to remote deposit capture functions, Remote Remittance Capture enhances users’ remittance organization. It allows better accounting management with digitized remittance coupon recording. Remittance Capture is designed for customer convenience and ease of use.

Remittance Functionality

Remote Remittance Capture solution links coupons to corresponding checks and stores receipts in an archive for the customer’s records. Users place the coupons and corresponding checks into a check scanner which captures code line information from coupons and digitally places information into appropriate data remit fields when scanning is complete. This provides a database of remittance and deposit transactions. The solution makes digital replacement coupons for corresponding checks that are missing coupons. RRC provides output files for accounting software programs.

Remote Deposit Capture

Using a PC and scanner, the user creates an electronic deposit file by scanning check deposits. Once the user has saved a deposit file, it can be opened and completed at any time. When the file is submitted, the system transmits the batch of deposits to the bank over a secure line allowing faster availability of funds from the bank.

Product Highlights

  • Easy-to-use and improves business management and efficiency
  • Remote Remittance Capture database includes a search feature that allows users to retrieve both deposit and remittance records easily
  • Electronic presentment of deposit to bank (ANSI X9 format)
  • Scalable solution for multi-volume customers
  • Uses secure, multi-factor authentication for FFIEC compliance
  • Sets up multi-coupon types and corresponding scan lines
  • Creates custom output files with select output fields

Remote Remittance Capture Features

  • Digital Check® scanner with native driver or Panini® scanner with Ranger® and OCR license
  • PC with Windows® XP Professional, Vista® Business, or Windows® 7 Professional operating systems with Internet connectivity
  • Installs onto the user’s PC via Web interface with automatic software updates
  • Captures the front and back images of each item scanned
  • Reads and records MICR codeline and uses RECO technology for CAR/LAR fields
  • Reads and interprets the scan line of each coupon
  • Flags scanned field misreads for data that need to be manually keyed
  • Locates items with the search history utility
  • Allows quick access with hot key codes for frequently used field values
  • Allows setting adjustments for endorsement of items during the scanning process
  • Images and data files from each deposit are saved in a specified archive folder.
  • Data files with purge settings
  • Associates checks to coupons or coupons to checks
  • Detects checks without associated coupons and creates substitute coupons
  • Matches customer’s banking information to the customer’s billing accounts
  • Performs a check digit review on the account number# of the remittance line
  • Creates an output file containing deposit details for previously transmitted deposits
  • Generates a deposit detail report automatically after each successful deposit
  • Creates an output file supporting various accounting software and output files
  • Prints deposit detail items reports
  • Archives images and data files in a specified archive folder with purge settings
  • Provides multi-factor authentication for FFIEC compliance
  • Provides secure transmission of balanced deposits to the bank
  • Notification via E-mail for deposit confirmation status
  • Assigns groups and function permissions for security administration
  • User code and password security
  • Bank validation rules may be applied
  • Connects to the bank through the bank’s existing firewall