Remote Deposit Capture Monitoring with Red Carpet Software Suite

Financial institutions use a lot of systems to capture, process, balance, clear and settle their payments coming in and going out. Red Carpet Software Suite gives financial institutions visibility with a single point of view into these disparate systems to increase efficiency, minimize risk and streamline productivity. Remote Deposit Capture Monitoring with Red Carpet Software Suite allows financial institutions to get a high level view for corporate on variety of capture information such as Branch Capture, Corporate Views, System Views and Location views.


Payments Hub DashboardBrowser

Payments Hub Monitoring with Red Carpet Software Suite

Whether it is ATM management, EFT or other payments hub processes, financial institutions can have complete vision with one single point of view into their entire payments operations. No more mining of multiple reports and collecting payments processing data, the Red Carpet Software Suite for Payments Hub, enhances payment processing productivity, risk management and data efficiency.

Reduce Risk. Increase Peace of Mind.

  • Saves time, eliminates errors and controls overhead
  • Allows for more aggressive operational efficiency while retaining bank capital.
  • Detect issues before they become mission critical.
  • Predict, Prescribe and Proactively Manage your Payments Processes and Remote Captures no matter what systems you use.

Control Like Never Before

  • Get vision into all aspects of a bank’s operations.
  • Allow for quicker adjustments, allocation, and optimal performance during mission critical times.
  • Integrates easily into current processes and existing applications.
  • Reduces time pulling and analyzing reports to manage workflows.
  • Optimizes resourcing and workflow allocations across any payments processing function.