On Trac

OnTrac provides a centralized user­ interface for monitoring and managing electronic data capture and exchange traffic. OnTrac recognizes, evaluates, and routes payments files to the appropriate systems or applications at the financial institution. Inbound files destined for the various steps of data perfection and outbound files from distribution solutions to various posting systems, direct-send points, or /Cl processors can all be tracked and monitored using OnTrac.

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OnTrac Product Features

  • Dashboard with visual workflow status
  • Drill down menus with connectivity to item details
  • Sort and filter menus
  • Multiple user accessibility
  • Management user administration security features
  • Domestic, international, and local calendar support
  • Data retention and monitoring history
  • Horizontally and vertically scalable
  • Automatically generates custom e-mail and text messages
  • Includes expandable message history or multiple messages
  • Alerts late, in-process, error, unexpected, or completed status
  • Flags duplicate files to provide for decisioning
  • Automatically identifies and directs electronic files
  • Establishes rules and waypoints to workflow steps
  • Establishes schedules for inbound and outbound work
  • Allows route selection for unexpected files
  • Tracks expected, unexpected and current status files
  • Reports for scheduled variances and errors
  • Ranks performance relative to schedules and SLAs
  • Provides open statistics database architecture for custom report tool integration
  • JBOSS, Websphere, and WebLogic application servers
  • LDAP/Active Directory, Tivoli Security authentication
  • SVPCO DTA and SVPCO Gateway support
  • Waypoint tracking for file routing outside of CPCS/iCPCS
  • Linkin for First Touch iCapture’s Remote Deposit Capture support
  • Payments Processing Manager (PPM) event monitoring
  • Payments Distribution Manager (PDM) outbound sends
Keep an Eye on Bank Files OnTrac provides a single interface to manage the tracking, monitoring, and reporting of any electronic payments file moved between financial institutions or within a single institution. OnTrac supports all of a bank’s electronic payments file feeds including: remote deposit files from corporate, branch, ATM, and correspondent banks; remote capture sites; and traditional non-image data files {ECP}. OnTrac is the perfect solution to manage bank’s outbound landing zone for on-us internal files and transit file distribution for SVPCO, the Federal Reserve, Viewpointe, and other direct send files.
Schedule and Route Files OnTrac will facilitate data flow file schedules. OnTrac schedules internal and external routing from branch feeds and remote sites and handles various data flow scenarios for a range of correspondent and file types. Operators can easily adjust configurations to accommodate any new operational changes. OnTrac’s centralized monitoring, financial institutions can better manage back­ logs and resources, network and application capacity,and service level agreements.
System Monitor and Data Mover OnTrac works as a strategic traffic control manager designed to monitor all electronic file traffic throughout the day. OnTrac will eliminate the cumbersome task of manually verifying message file transmissions and research. OnTrac integrates tracking, reporting, and notification information into messaging and reporting work screens. Processing supervisors are notified in real-time of file transmission and content dis­crepancies. OnTrac alerts operations for: missing files, late files, failure to process files, unexpected files, and duplicate files. OnTrac also evaluates inbound received files as compared to established schedules and reports all variances from those schedules. Message alerts are sent via email or SMTP {Simple Message Transfer Protocol) device
Web-based Application OnTrac is a Web-based application. Supervisors conveniently log into the online system to review OnTrac’s workflow definitions, monitoring, and reporting of the financial institution’s payments data flow files. A GUI,drill-down dashboard presents activity views in detailed configuration. A mobile version of OnTrac’s dashboard is also available via any mobile device.