Payments Processing Manager

Maximum return on our customers’ investments

Capturing and truncating work at the earliest entry points reduces costs for facilities, transportation, and staffing considerations throughout a financial institution’s enterprise. With PPM, operations will minimize IT staffing using centralized servers located at the hubs, along with implementing a streamlined disaster recovery strategy. Operations will eliminate amount error reads for POD items. Banks will reduce courier fees from remote proof sites and save resources by reallocating FTEs, turnovers, and training costs.

Flexible Processing Options

Arriving transactions need a thorough verification and perfection process. Payments Processing Manager (PPM) provides a complete solution that facilitates data perfection for improved payments processing. PPM’s enhanced processing hub and spoke model allows financial institutions to structure a more efficient enterprise-wide check processing strategy. The spokes provide flexible options for remotely captured items. The model will reduce physical facilities, hardware expenses, and staffing requirements.

Payments Processing Manager offers multiple capture applications: X9/XML file ingestion, Paper, and ATM image. Payments Navigator also supports multiple entry points for the capture of paper and electronic payments and files presented to the bank from a variety of inbound sources.

Data Verification and Perfection

Hubs are staffed with operators who review exceptions and perform codeline completion for PPM’s Web-based keying. Multiple verification functions assist operations to ensure perfection: codeline validation, duplicate file detection, X9 validation, and more. PPM’s operational workflow leverages enhanced RECO technology.

PPM’s RECO utilizes multi-field recognition rates of +80% and an optional full-field RECO for auto-repair of items. Administrator security features is a standard features.


PPM balancing is an image-based, feature rich application designed to ensure that all transactions are balanced. Using our centralized pool of unbalanced transactions,operations can normalize volumes for all sites by distributing workflows. PPM balancing is GUI-centric,with operator-configured screen layouts that enable auto suggestion tools to quickly locate the cause of out-of-balance conditions.

RoboBalancer is Software Earnings premier balancing solution.It is designed to identify and solve out-of-balance deposit transactions within a bank’s payments processing system. In production it is balancing 70% – 80% of all out-of­ balance transactions. RoboBalancer speeds up the balancing process, saving banks time and reducing the workload for balancing operations.