Software Earnings, Inc. offers the most innovative software applications on the market today to make payment processing management simple and easy for financial institutions.

The Red Carpet Software Suite

Reduce Risk. Increase Peace of Mind and gain control of your payments processing and bank operations like never before. Whether you want to save time, eliminate errors or control overhead, Red Carpet Software Suite, allows for more aggressive operations efficiency while retaining bank capital. With its real-time analytics and data streams, bank operations executives can detect issues before they become mission critical. Now you can predict, prescribe and proactively manage your entire banking operations from your processing systems to your remote deposit captures. Red Carpet Software Suite is the perfect tool to help optimize resourcing and workflow allocations across any payments processing function.

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Payments Hub DashboardBrowser


Payments Navigator Suite

Payments Navigator as a replacement for traditional legacy check processing systems. The core logic of traditional mainframe check processing systems was based on the physical logistics required to process and transport paper items from end-to-end in the clearing cycle. In 2004, the Check 21 Act enabled the truncation of most paper checks, legally permitting their replacement with virtual electronic images. Software Earnings, already a leader in image-based item processing, immediately began refining their server-based platforms to produce a complete electronic payments processing solution.

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First Touch iCapture Suite

Remote Deposit Capture Solutions to enhance your financial institution like never before.

Our First Touch iCapture product is an easy-to-use RDC solution for banks and their clients. Checks are scanned from the bank customer’s location and transmitted over a secure line for immediate processing at the bank, eliminating the physical transportation of checks and allowing quicker access to funds.

Software Earnings provides banks with a complete line of remote deposit capture solutions. Solutions include GUI interfaces for both the customer and bank along with multiple layers of administration controls, balancing details, and scanning options. Remote deposit capture products include: Merchant, Corporate, Correspondent, Cash Letter Exchange, and Remittance. Software Earnings’ solutions include GUI interfaces for both the customer and bank along with multiple layers of administration controls, balancing details, and scanning options.

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