Merchant Capture

With Merchant Capture, banks have an opportunity to attract new customers and increase overall deposits, breaking through the traditional limitations imposed by geographical location and physical branch facilities. Merchant Capture is a simple-to-use remote deposit solution for banks and their merchant clients. Checks are scanned at the merchant’s business and transmitted over a secure line for processing at your bank and allowing quicker access to funds.



Grow Customer and Deposit Base:

Merchants are looking for banking relationships that offer convenience. They want to do business with a bank that can make their banking experiences simple and efficient. Banks have an opportunity to attract new customers and increase overall deposits by breaking through the traditional limitations imposed by physical branch facilities.

Streamline the Deposit of Checks:

Merchant Capture is a simple-to-use electronic deposit solution for banks to provide to their merchant and corporate customers. Checks are scanned at the customer’s business(es) and transmitted securely over the Internet for immediate processing at the bank. Merchant Capture will eliminating the physical transportation of their checks and also allow quicker access to their funds. Our solution allows installation via the Internet to simplify software distribution and maintenance by banks for their merchant capture customers. In addition, data is stored at the central site rather than at the client’s location, allowing for distributed scanning, balancing, and auditing.

Simple and Efficient:

Merchant Capture software installs on Windows® operating system PCs and integrates with low-volume scanners. Implementation will have no negative impact on existing operations and 24/7 customer support. We provide additional online training seminars for bank personal. Software Earnings’ RDC solution include GUI interfaces for both the customer and bank along with multiple layers of administration controls, balancing details, and scanning options.

  • Eliminates the costs, time, and delays associated with transporting paper deposits.
  • Improves overall customer and bank efficiency.
  • Allows more favorable clearing deadlines for the customers.
  • Retains the images, making research adjustments easier for the customer.
  • Banks receive electronic, balanced files for downstream processing.

Merchant Capture Features

  • In production since 2003
  • Currently processing over a billion dollars a day in transactions
  • Over 5000 capture locations, implemented at both regional and community banks
  • Scalable
  • Takes less than a day to learn the functionality
  • Windows® operating system application that with a step-by-step process
  • The merchant needs a PC and an internet connection
  • System uses a low-volume scanner and takes only a minimum of desktop space
  • Both long and short style checks may be used, deposit slips are optional
  • Client can send deposits anytime based on the receiving bank’s work flows
  • Deposits can be made to your bank, regardless of your merchant or branch locations
  • System can be used at multiple merchant locations and provides breakout and summary reports across the merchant’s enterprise
  • Allows all of a merchant’s locations to scan deposits directly into a central database for transmission to the bank
  • Security can be administered from a central location
  • Provides duplicate detection at both item level and file level
  • Provides user prompts and notifications to help ensure corrective action is taken
  • Notified of the deposit status is immediately after the bank receives the deposit
  • The bank control center monitor displays any deposit errors in red,prompting action by the bank; the merchant will be notified of the problem resolution
  • Provides the option for a client to create image and data output files containing deposit information for use with 3rd party accounting software
  • Supports both RC and BOC processing for those items that qualify to be converted
  • Designed for both smart and thin client environments or both versions
  • Certified X9. files for input or output